To prevent missing any clinical notifications from Hypercare on your phone, let's walk through proper settings.

Ensure background data is not restricted

  1. Open settings app and find Hypercare
  2. Open data usage for Hypercare
  3. Check to ensure background data is not restricted 
  4. Repeat the same steps for Google Services (vital for delivery of notifications)

Battery Optimizations

  1. Go to battery optimization
  2. Ensure Hypercare is removed and is whitelisted

Operating System Support

Android 6.0 and above:

  • Check to ensure Do not Disturb (DND) is not turned on 
  • Turn on Hypercare for priority mode through Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb 

Other Ideas

  • Turn your phone off and back on (Classic)
  • Charge your phone so power saving mode is deactivated 
  • Keep your Wi-Fi on during sleep mode 
  • Delete task killers as some of them affect Hypercare or other services that are required for notifications
  • Reset the app preferences 
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