Hypercare was carefully designed to minimize the amount of effort it takes to onboard groups, whether a small clinical department, or an academic hospital with hundreds of users. This is how we typically get organizations started on Hypercare:

  1. Hypercare sets up administrative super-users to allow for management of credentials, schedules, and audit trails
  2. Clinicians download the mobile application on their device from the affiliated app store or access the platform via web
  3. Users can be verified and credentialed automatically via several methods:
    (a) verify identity through official organization email
    (b) verify identity through restricted invite code
    (c) verify through organization single sign-on.
    At the time of on-boarding, just let us know which method(s) you prefer!
  4. Organization-affiliated users (who are not employees of the organization) can be granted permissions to access organization directory, users, and locating features
  5. Patients are given invite code so that they are only granted permissions to specific clinicians and teams (“friending system”)
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