Please note that any member of an existing group chat can add new person (s) to the chat. However, ONLY group chat administrators (chat creator) CAN add or remove people from the chat or make another member the group admin. 

Below are the steps to add or remove a person or persons from a group chat:

  1. From your list of chats on the chat screen, select the desired chat
  2. At the top of the chat screen, where the name of the chat is located, tap on it
  3. Under "chat settings" you will see the names of all individuals in the chat
  4. Below the name of listed members is the option to "add members"
  5. Select the person you wish to add by tapping the "circle" to the right of their name
  6.  If you are the group admin- tapping on an individual name will prompt the options to "view profile", "Make admin" or "remove member" 
  7. Select the desired action
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