The app has multiple safeguards embedding within its design to ensure that all communication through the app is secure and in compliance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act of Ontario (PHIPA).  

There are some responsibility of our users to help keep information safe and compliant:

  • In the event of a lost device, please report to Hypercare support & your IT administrator within one hour. 
  • Always follow the rules of the local healthcare laws on Hypercare such as keep any patient information with other Hypercare users who are part of the circle of care.  
  • Never share your Hypercare password 
  • Never share your Hypercare PIN code
  • Ensure your phone is password protected, and do not share that pin code
  • Do not add any friend or family members to biometrics for your phone
  • Always be aware of your surroundings, be mindful whether people are glancing at your phone. 
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